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Counselor's Corner

The guidance office updates scholarships on a weekly basis.  Click here for new information.

The Baxter Community Educational Scholarships application is available online.  Click the link to access the application.  Applications are due on April 1, 2024.  Seniors need to email their completed applications to Mr. Dee at  Additionally, graduates will need to email their

applications to Mr Dee too.

Travis Dee

Secondary Counselor

Baxter Community School

If you are ready to begin searching for state and national scholarships, visit
Also, visit the colleges/universities you are interested in for their scholarship opportunities.

Baxter Educational Foundation Scholarships

Baxter Educational Foundation was established in 1995 and is operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  The purpose of the foundation is to expand access to educational opportunities by involving and assisting our community in the support of students and in the encouragement of educational achievement.  The following scholarships are a part of the foundation and will be awarded during graduation.

Milligan Family Foundation Scholarship:  Ike & Klara Milligan, Pat & Sid Milligan and their families have been awarding scholarships through this organization since the foundations beginning in 1995.


Tipton-Krampe Families Scholarships:  In 1996, the Dale & JoAnne Tipton and LeRoy & Clara Krampe families began awarding their scholarship to students furthering their education after graduating Baxter. 


Geisler-Penquite Charitable Corporation Scholarships:  The late Harold & Mavis Geisler and Loren Penquite set up a foundation to donate funds to worthy Jasper County organizations.  These grants have been placed in an endowment fund with the interest being used to fund scholarships to help further the education of Baxter Community School graduates.


Harold Stewart Family Scholarship:  In 2004, the family of Harold Stewart, former Coach & Teacher at Baxter, began this scholarship for a student that demonstrated academic and athletic achievements.  


State Savings Bank of Baxter Scholarship:  The State Savings Bank of Baxter has sponsored the Varsity Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Wrestling teams of Baxter for several years in order to fund scholarships for graduating seniors planning on furthering their educations at the college level.


Margaret Ann Schmidt-Swalwell Memorial Scholarship: Margaret Ann Schmidt Swalwell was one of ten students to graduate in 1951.  One of her greatest joys in life was attending Baxter Community School.  Her pride for her class continued by attending the Alumni banquets yearly.  


Pat Trotter Scholarship:  Pat Trotter taught 4th Grade at Baxter Community School for 31 years.  She focused on environmental conservation for her last 26 years as a teacher.  After her retirement in 2010, she set up a scholarship for students planning on furthering their education in the educational field.


Jake Moorman Memorial Scholarship: The family of Jake Moorman takes pride in being able to help the Baxter Community School graduates continue their education after high school.  This scholarship has provided this opportunity to many graduates over the past years.


Jerry & Bonnie (Orr) Loupee Scholarship:  Former Baxter graduates, Jerry Loupee & Bonnie Orr-Loupee set up their scholarship in 1997.  As Alumni of Iowa State University, their scholarship is awarded to a well-rounded student planning to continue their education at Iowa State University.


Bobby McWhirter Scholarship: The family of the late Bob McWhirter of Baxter has supported the Baxter school and established a scholarship to help students further their education.  The recipient will show signs of good character and will have been active throughout their high school career in athletics.


Joanne Allan Kielly Scholarship:  Joanne Allan Kielly was a lifelong resident of Baxter. Not only was Joanne a graduate of Baxter (1953) but also so were her 4 children and 7 grandchildren. She currently has 5 great grandchildren attending Baxter Community School along with 1 preschool great granddaughter.  Her family donates an annual scholarship to a deserving student.


Roger Schmidt Memorial Scholarship:  Roger Schmidt was a lifelong farmer in the Baxter area. His family has chosen to commemorate his memory by giving an educational scholarship to a student planning on pursuing a career in the agricultural field.


Deutsch Family Foundation Scholarship:  The Deutsch Family Foundation has been giving out scholarships to graduates of the Baxter Community School since 2012.  Rich and Karen Deutsch were farmers and business people in the Baxter community.  They were active in the community and that is one of the criteria that is used when awarding these scholarships.


Thank you to the Baxter Educational Foundation for providing this information.

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