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Why choose Baxter CSD?

"The reason I love Baxter the most is the ability to make strong relationships with both students, staff and our community...and that's one of our greatest assets."

Student Involvement

 " Not everything you learn for life after high school is learned in a classroom."

" We are not only creating great academics, but I think we are also building great humans." 

Academic Success

Community Life in Baxter

" I have no family in the area, but you come here and it  feels like you've lived here.  It's kind of neat to have the opportunity. " 

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Dr. Mickolyn Clapper - Superintendent

Interested in attending Baxter Schools?

Baxter feels like it could be everyone’s hometown. We are small enough to really get to know all of our students and differentiate to meet the needs of every child, but we are located close enough to the Des Moines metro that we can easily access the big city amenities and employment opportunities for families. We pride ourselves in the fact that almost 25% of our students open enroll into our district. Parents, students and staff all love our PK-12 school. All students find a place to belong here, because relationships matter at Baxter.   


If you are interested in open enrolling into our district,  click on this link below.

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